PC-4 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System with Permeate Pump

PC-4 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System with Permeate Pump

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Not all Reverse Osmosis systems are created equal!
The Watco TFC 335 RO design has evolved from years of refinement. The precision-engineered manifold eliminates tubing normally used to make internal system connections. The result is a clean well organized system that is easier to maintain. This system may be used with either city water or a private well supply and uses a high-performance Thin Film Composite (TFC) membrane for maximum results..

• The two stage pre-filter incorporates a 5 micron sediment filter and a carbon block filter to protect the automatic shut-off and the membrane from clogging with debris. Chlorine is filtered out to protect the refined TFC membrane.

• The Reverse Osmosis Membrane is the heart of the system. Most particles too small to be trapped by the prefilter are removed by the TFC membrane, reducing unwanted contaminants from the water.

• The final stage of filtration is Activated Carbon used to ensure fresh tasting, crystal clear quality.


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